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Investment AB Latour has today acquired 14,461,809 shares in Alimak Group for SEK 134 per share, corresponding to a total of SEK 1,938 m. Sellers are Apolus Holding AB whose principal owner is Triton Fund II. The acquired shares corresponds to 26.7 per cent of the votes and equity in Alimak Group. Alimak Group has a world-leading position within vertical access solutions for industry and the construction sector, with customers supported by key mega trends such as urbanization and environmental friendly energy production.

Clarification before reporting of changes in shareholding to Swedish authorities (“Finansinspektionen”)
In order to prevent possible misunderstandings due to the forthcoming reporting of changes in shareholding to Finansinspektionen, Latour want to clarify that the reporting will be made by Investment AB Latour’s principal owner, the Douglas family. The Douglas family already owns 112,526 shares in Alimak Group. The current regulations stipulate that reporting of changes in shareholdings to Finansinspektionen should then be done by the Douglas family and not by Latour, although Investment AB Latour will take the principal ownership in Alimak Group.

The total holding that the Douglas family will report to Finansinspektionen is as follows: The Douglas family 112,526 shares, Investment AB Latour 14,461,809 shares and Latour’s wholly-owned subsidiary Karpalunds Ångbryggeriaktiebolag 40,000 shares.

Göteborg, September 14, 2017

Investment AB Latour (publ)
Jan Svensson, CEO

For further information please contact:
Jan Svensson, CEO Investment AB Latour, +46 705 77 16 40

Investment AB Latour is a mixed investment company consisting primarily of wholly-owned industrial operations and an investment portfolio of listed holdings in which Latour is the principal owner or one of the principal owners. The investment portfolio consists of nine substantial holdings with a market value of about SEK 46 billion. The wholly-owned industrial operations generated a turnover of approximately SEK 8 billion in 2

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