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Omnes Capital is selling its majority stake in SVP Group to MML Capital. Omnes acquired its holding in the Group in 2011. The transaction has the significant involvement of SVP’s management team: Olivier
Lenormand, its CEO, François Laubier and Bertrand Degruson, whose holdings will be increased.
The SVP Group enables decision makers to leverage their ability to act on behalf of their company or organisation,
and to adapt to the new situations they face in meeting their responsibilities.
Through the companies it owns, the SVP Group offers professional services in three areas:
information and decision-support services with SVP and BusinessFil;
payroll and HR IT solutions with e-Paye;
professional development and training with Agif, Fym Conseil, Synesis and Novaconcept in Canada.
Based in Saint-Ouen (93), the SVP Group supports more than 30,000 decision-makers in 10,000 client
companies and organisations. The SVP Group had 2015 revenue of €65 million and employed 600 staff. In five years working together with Omnes the SVP Group has seen continuous growth in revenue, which
grew by 32% between 2011 and 2016. Most notably, the
Group made three major acquisitionsin France and Canada. In 2012, the G
roup acquired Fym Conseil, enabling it to expand its continuous professionaldevelopment offering. In 2015 and 2016, it bought Synesis and Novaconcept, two companies based in Canada, in order to expand in the North American market.

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