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December 8, 2016

Sale of SWP Holdings Inc. (the holding company of Socie World Co., Ltd.)

Polaris Private Equity Fund III (“Polaris Fund III”), managed by Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd. (“Polaris”), has agreed with Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. (“IMH”) on the sale of all of the shares of SWP Holdings Inc. (“SWP”) (with 100% of the voting rights) owned by Polaris Fund III and other shareholder to IMH and signed Share Purchase Agreement today. SWP owns 100% of Socie World Co., Ltd, (“Socie”). Socie operates aesthetic salons for middle to high-end female customers as well as hair salons, eye lash salons and sports clubs and enjoys strong brand recognition as a company with a longer than 50 year history. Benefiting from such brand name, Socie has opened its aesthetic salons in high-class department stores and luxury hotels and as a result secured a very solid business model with loyal and affluent customer base. On the overseas front, Socie was the first in the industry to open a shop outside of Japan and has succeeded in establishing a strong operation in Taiwan. By applying the success formula in Taiwan to other markets (including China where a franchise system hasrecently been implemented),

Socie is expected to achieve a further growth in the global market.

Polaris has decided to proceed with the sale since, as a member of IMH group, Socie is expected to enjoy various synergy effects such as brand enhancement, an access to IMH’s affluent customer base and shop opening at IMH’s department stores in prime locations in Japan and overseas, which would lead to a higher corporate value.

The share transfer is expected to be completed on January 12, 2017.

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