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MedEnvision (, a leader in innovative orthopaedic efficiency solutions, is thrilled to announce a pivotal partnership with Smile Invest, a distinguished European investment firm known for its focus on fostering innovative growth companies. This strategic partnership aims to fuel MedEnvision’s international expansion, drive new product development, and unlock new market opportunities.

Founded on the principles of enhancing efficiency in orthopaedic surgeries, MedEnvision has revolutionized the operating theatre with its patented product range, including the Gripper set, the EsySuit range, and specially designed retractors. These innovations offer dual benefits: they optimize time and resources by freeing up OR staff for more critical tasks while providing surgeons with enhanced control in surgeries involving the hip, knee, and shoulder. Currently, MedEnvision’s solutions have reached 26 countries, with a strong presence in the Benelux and the US.

MedEnvision’s mission lies in further improving the practices of an orthopaedic surgeon for the benefit of the patient, the nursing staff, the surgeon and the healthcare institutions. This mission is fully endorsed by new partner Smile Invest, who will further support this growth story together with MedEnvision’s management team and founders.

Dries Goyens, CEO of MedEnvision: “We are honoured to welcome Smile Invest into our company. Their proven track record in nurturing high-potential healthcare innovations aligns with our vision. This collaboration not only validates the impact of our products but also equips us with the strategic and financial support necessary to broaden our global footprint and continue improving surgical workflows. From the start, we felt the click between our teams and we look forward to a successful partnership.

Bart Cauberghe, Managing Partner at Smile Invest, highlights: “MedEnvision represents the type of innovation and strategic foresight we value at Smile Invest. Their solutions directly address some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare today, such as improving procedural efficiency and mitigating the impact of nursing staff shortages. We are confident in MedEnvision’s growth trajectory and its role in advancing orthopaedic care for an ageing population aspiring to maintain an active lifestyle.


Smile Invest

Smile Invest (Smart Money for Innovation Leaders) is a European evergreen investment firm with over €500m of assets under management, financed by 40 entrepreneurial families and with a long-term focus on innovative growth companies. Smile Invest focuses on companies active in three investment themes: digitalization, healthcare and sustainability. Since its inception in 2017 Smile Invest has built a portfolio of 15 companies. From its offices in Leuven and The Hague, the team supports ambitious entrepreneurs and management teams in realizing their growth plans.

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Bart Cauberghe, Managing Partner | T. +32 476 33 66 69

Nicolas Costers, Investment Director | T. +32 476 44 63 23

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