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Zurich, June 15, 2017

The capital increase for the Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund International has been successfully completed. The issue has resulted in an inflow of new assets in the maximum amount of CHF239.2mn.

The issue was carried out on a best-effort basis as part of a public subscription offer in Switzerland. Regular, over -the- counter subscription rights trading took place through Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. from May 29 to June 7, 2017. With a subscription ratio of ten to one (ten subscription rights entitle holders to purchase one new unit), 228897 new units are being issued at a net price of CHF 1,045.00 per unit. This is equivalent to a subscription rate of 100 %. Thus new assets of CHF 239.2 mn are accruing to Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund International (CS REF International, security no. 1968511).

The payment date for the new units is June 16, 2017. The number of units in circulation will now be 2,517,867 with net fund assets of CHF 2,593.8mn. The issuance proceeds will be used to further expand and diversify the high-quality real estate portfolio.

CS REF International is the first Swiss real estate fund to invest directly in real estate all over the world. The fund exclusively targets qualified investors, offers access to an international portfolio, and enables even greater diversification of total assets. The investment focus is on high-quality commercial real estate in attractive locations in Europe, Asia Pacific, and North, Central, and South America. The currencies in the statement of net assets are largely hedged against the Swiss franc.

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Information Thomas Vonaesch, Head of Real Estate Fund Management, Credit Suisse Funds AG,telephone +41 44 334 43 30

Marc-Oliver Tschabold, Fund Manager CS REF International, Credit Suisse Asset Management (Switzerland) Ltd., telephone +41 44 333 11 35

Eva Randegger, Marketing & Communication, Credit Suisse Asset Management (Switzerland) Ltd., telephone +41 44 333 82 04,


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