Alkmaar, January 1st, 2021 – To enable fast and focused growth, the integrated photonics sensing activities of Technobis will change their name to PhotonFirst and operate independently from its ‘mothership’ Technobis Group as of January 1st. Daan Kersten will be heading PhotonFirst as its first CEO. As he announced when he joined the team three months ago, the photonics activities will be expanded aggressively, both in scope and size, as well as geographically. Besides the renowned interrogator systems, PhotonFirst will expand its value chain position to include sensors and application development, essential to be able to offer end-to- end solutions to its worldwide customer base. The company will continue to focus on demanding end markets like aerospace, medical, mobility and high-tech equipment, where innovation is key to stay in the lead.

“With this re-branding and legal carve-out from Technobis Group, we want to emerge from our commercial stealth mode and ensure everyone knows where to go for integrated photonics sensing solutions for advanced applications. Our slogan ‘We measure the world’ refers to our focus on sensing solutions with endless possibilities in measuring all kinds of variables such as temperature, strain, pressure and shape on one hand and generating data to improve the performance of critical functions on the other. Our expertise lies for example in applications like battery temperature monitoring in electric vehicles, overheat detection in large aircraft, load recording in infrastructural objects like tall buildings or bridges, but also sensing shape changes in medical biopsy needles. And we are only at the beginning of the adoption curve.” According to Daan Kersten, CEO of PhotonFirst.

Besides the new company name, a new holding company is set-up with its registered office at the company’s new office at the Eindhoven High Tech Campus. HTC is the home of 220 other high-tech companies and center of the Dutch photonics ecosystem. Headquarters remain in Alkmaar where all research & development as well as production and PIC (photonic integrated circuit) packaging are executed.

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