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San Sac Group acquires the two companies Avfallsteknik Skandinavien AB (ATS) and Service Link Skandinavien AB (S
ervice Link). ATS is the market leader in sales of waste compaction equipment and Service Link offers a nationwide service organization for compaction equipment. Fredrik Jagin der, CEO of San Sac Group states:
”With the acquisition of ATS and Service Link and the upcoming merger with our Swedish sales company Orwak Sverige AB, we can offer the Swedish market the most complete product range of waste compaction equipment. In addition, we get
a nationwide service organization that ensures reliable operation at our customer sites.
The former owners of ATS and Service Link, Risto Sunell and Daniel Egeberg, remain in the business.
Daniel Egeberg comments:“The fact that our organization now gets access to the high quality products and the
competence in development andproduction of balers, which Orwak is in possession of, allows us to offer even more attractive solutions to the market.”
Risto Sunell, adds:” The merged business gains a position that enables us to become an even larger player nationwide and
strengthens our service offer further in the Swedish market.”
San Sac Group:
San Sac Group was formed in 2014 when San Sac and its subsidiaries ILAB Container and Rubaek merged with
Enviropac. The group expanded when acquiring the baler manufacturer Orwak in 2015.
With the acquisition of ATS and Service Link, San Sac Group has 275 employees and a turnover that amounts to 115 M EUR.
Orwak is a world leader in compaction and baling solutions and offers an innovative
range of products that promotes sorting at source and make waste management more
profitable. Orwak is headquarter ed in Sweden and is present in approximately 40 countries
through subsidiaries and distributors.
ATS is a market leader in sales of waste compaction equipment, mainly container compactors and balers.
The company has 20 employees and a turnover of approx. 11.5M EUR. The headoffice is located in Bromma, Sweden.
Service Link:
Service Link  specializes in service on compacting waste equipment and serves the Swedish market with a dedicated team of 18 technicians.The turnover amounts to approx. 3 M EUR.

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