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NPM Capital and Hillenraad Partners, market leader in the field of strategy and additional services for the horticulture sector, will work closely with each other in the coming years to further strengthen the position of the Dutch horticulture sector at the international level. The combination of long-term growth capital (NPM Capital) and unique knowledge of the sector (Hillenraad Partners) has the potential to fast-track developments in Dutch horticulture, say the two parties.

Hillenraad Partners advises ambitious companies in the food, horticulture, supply and starting materials sectors, which are characterised by upscaling and internationalisation. “Access to non-bank growth capital is increasingly frequently part of the (complex) financing issues this involves. With its long-term investment horizon and active involvement on the path towards such upscaling, NPM Capital is uniquely qualified in that area,” says Martien Penning, managing partner at Hillenraad Partners.

NPM Capital has already been active in the food and agri sectors for a considerable time and sees many opportunities for investments in new growth platforms. Rutger Ruigrok, managing director of NPM Capital, welcomes this far-reaching cooperation: “Together with Hillenraad Partners, we can now much more selectively target businesses with a long-term growth strategy, be it organic or based on a buy-and-build approach. Moreover, the rapid, often disruptive technological developments in the sector provide a perfect match for our investment focus.” In the period ahead, Hillenraad Partners and NPM Capital will define the specifics of their cooperation and the potential development of a strategic portfolio in further detail. The expertise bundled in the Hillenraad100 forms a perfect starting point for this.

About the Hillenraad100 and leading entrepreneurship

The Hillenraad100 provides an annual overview of the 100 leading companies in the knowledge- and capital-intensive greenhouse and horticulture industries. The list paints a picture of the full cluster, divided into seven segments. Ever since 2003, the Hillenraad100 has been the monitor when it comes to developments in the Dutch horticultural industry. The Hillenraad100 observes, interprets and looks ahead. Only 1% of the companies in the Dutch horticulture industry make it into the Hillenraad100. A listing in the Hillenraad100 is an acknowledgement of leading entrepreneurship. These companies show vision, daring and entrepreneurship and are a guiding light in the sector. The Hillenraad100 research team analyses the companies’ performance on the basis of a unique and proprietary business model that is continually adapted. Supported by a specialised Committee of Experts, the Hillenraad100 selectively determines key trends for the future and evaluates how businesses pro-actively respond to them.

The new listings were announced at the Hortigala of the Year on Friday, 3 November 2017. This is an important “photo opportunity” for the horticultural industry.

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