KPN Ventures initiates Health Innovation Fund III, together with Menzis, Monuta and OostNL


After two previous successful funds, the third Health Innovations venture capital fund has been initiated to support innovative healthcare start-ups in developing their products and bringing them to the market. In the coming years, the fund will invest € 15 million in 10 to 15 starting tech companies. The fund is focused on innovative digital health solutions that keep healthcare affordable and improve the quality and accessibility of care.

Investors include KPN Ventures, Menzis, Monuta, Topfonds Gelderland, Oost NL and several private investors. The fund is further supported by the Ministries of Health and Economic Affairs. Together, they are investing 6 million euros from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency’s Seed Capital Scheme.

The investors will be contributing their expertise and networks to the fund and the health start-ups in order to increase their chances of success.

Focus on innovation in healthcare

The Health Innovation Fund III will invest in companies that have developed new products to make healthcare smarter, better and more accessible. These can be software, hardware and service solutions, as long as they are directed towards prevention, diagnosis, treatment or cure or care monitoring. Joris van Eijck, Director Healthcare at Menzis, emphasizes the importance of innovation in healthcare:

“The application of new technology means, for example, that patients can live at home longer or receive care in their familiar environment, rather than in the hospital. Technology gives healthcare a fundamentally different form and creates value for patients.”

This third Health Innovation fund will also explicitly target e-Health solutions that foster self-management, self-monitoring and self-reliance. The first two funds have already made 18 investments in promising companies, including Prolira, LivAssured, Nightbalance, ANW Nederland, Noviosense and Aidence.

According to the partners involved, innovation is not only required for keeping healthcare affordable, but can also further improve the quality of healthcare. As important stakeholders in the sector, they want to accelerate this process. That’s why, in addition to making resources available, they will also utilize their expertise and network to support the start-up enterprises. Herman Kienhuis from KPN Ventures confirms this: “Digital technology offers enormous opportunities to improve the quality and affordability of healthcare and to increase people’s self-reliance, also in the case of illness and old age. KPN wants to take on an important role in this field and seeks out and supports young tech companies to jointly develop innovations, also through its partnership with the Health Innovation Fund III.”


The Health Innovation Fund III is managed by Utrecht-based Health Innovations. The fund is supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Climate and by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. In December 2017, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency selected the fund for its SEED Capital arrangement by means of a tender process. Secretary of State Keijzer from Economic Affairs and Climate, responsible for financing: “The production of new medical devices, for example for making diagnoses or for carrying out complex medical analyses, is good for the quality of healthcare and for our economic development. Investing in e-Health benefits us all and especially the people who need this care. With the SEED Capital scheme, we are supporting innovative entrepreneurs who can develop these ideas.”

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Mytonomy Announces Series A Financing Headlined by an Investment from Philips

Philips Ventures

Bethesda, Maryland –November 29, 2017 – Mytonomy, a leader in provider driven patient experience solutions to improve patient outcomes, announced it is closing a $7M Series-A funding round, including an investment from Philips, a global leader in health technology.

“Philips brings an extensive track record in consumer health and professional healthcare in key areas that align with Mytonomy’s growth, such as cardiology, oncology, imaging, mother/child care and population health. Philips is a value-add investor as we scale our Patient Experience Cloud business. We are thrilled to have members of the Philips Health Technology Ventures team join our board as they bring decades of healthcare industry and software execution expertise,” said Anjali Kataria, CEO of Mytonomy.

“Mytonomy’s software platform drives multiple benefits for many stakeholders in the provider environment, simultaneously; we drive longitudinal patient activation, improve patient, family and staff satisfaction, decrease labor costs, and increase top-line growth by delivering a significantly better, data-driven, personalized patient experience across the entire care continuum,” said Kataria.

“The results that Mytonomy and its founders have achieved in recent years are very impressive,” said Rich Wilmot, head of Philips Health Technology Ventures. “Their innovative product has strong traction in the market as hospitals achieve very high patient satisfaction from patients who use Mytonomy’s cloud-based patient education system. Moreover, Philips and Mytonomy share a joint vision of marrying unique data sets such as patient-reported outcomes and clinical metrics to drive better clinical outcomes, while enhancing the patient experience, and driving down inefficiencies and cost. We look forward to teaming up with Mytonomy to help grow the business, and ultimately forge a productive partnership path for the two companies.”

Other notable investors include MedStar Health and Super Angels such as George John, co-founder of Rocket Fuel and an AI thought leader, and Gokul Rajaram, Head of Product for Square and a former Facebook and Google executive.

Mytonomy seamlessly spans pre-procedure, pre-arrival, in-patient, discharge, at home, and ambulatory care with a consumer like experience that is both high-tech and high-touch increasing labor efficiency of staff. “Nurses call Mytonomy their virtual assistant,” said Kataria.

“Like popular consumer video streaming services, Mytonomy delivers personalized content directly to patients on any device throughout their care journey,” said Vinay Bhargava, Mytonomy’s Co-founder and President. “Bringing user-centric design principles to healthcare has led to very high patient usage across all major demographics and is delivering a fantastic, tailored patient experience for each patient,” he said.

The patient experience is of paramount importance to the healthcare industry.  Gartner’s 2017 report “The Future of Experience in Healthcare Demands a Consumer-Aligned Collaborative Ecosystem”*, includes the following observations:

  • Sixty-one percent of U.S. integrated delivery systems (IDSs) now have a senior executive specifically charged with accountability for the patient experience.
  • The experiences that consumers have in healthcare — positive or negative — influence their future decisions when navigating the healthcare system and their personal health behaviors. These decisions are powerful determinants of health outcomes and medical costs.


*Gartner, “The Future of Experience in Healthcare Demands a Consumer-Aligned Collaborative Ecosystem,” Jeff Cribbs, Mark E. Gilbert, 28 April 2017.

About Mytonomy

Mytonomy is the leader in Patient Experience Cloud Software for hospitals and providers. Leveraging behavior science, Mytonomy offers a data driven personalized patient education, engagement and experience software platform resulting in unprecedented cost savings and improvements in patient outcomes. Our cloud software combined with modern microlearning video education enables seamless access across the care continuum:  pre-procedure, pre-arrival, in-patient, discharge, at home, rehabilitation and ambulatory care with a consumer like experience, that is both high-tech and high-touch.  Mytonomy’s founders are former executives from Google, Oracle, and the FDA.  The company is headquartered in Bethesda, MD. For more information, visit

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Medical Artificial Intelligence company Quantib receives capital injection of EUR 4.5 million

Faster and more objective diagnoses by automatic interpretation of MRI and CT scan data

Chicago, 27 November 2017 – At the world’s largest radiology conference (RSNA), medical Artificial Intelligence (AI) company Quantib announced today that it secured €4.5mln ($ 5.4mln) of fresh funding in a round that was led by Holland Venture and InnovationQuarter. Quantib develops Machine Learning (ML) applications for medical imaging analyses, allowing physicians and researchers to make more efficient and more accurate diagnoses. The investment supports Quantib with her international scale-up ambitions.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Quantib is one of the most renowned Dutch players in the field of medical AI applications. Quantib utilizes ML software for the segmentation, classification and quantification of medical images, improving diagnostic quality and allowing for a more efficient workflow of physicians and researchers. Quantib is a spin-off of the Erasmus MC, developing her products in close collaboration with the internationally recognized Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam (BIGR) under supervision of Prof. dr. Wiro Niessen. Moreover, Quantib has strong partnerships with industry players (GE Healthcare, Philips and Intrasense) for research, development and the distribution of her products. Recently, Quantib received media coverage as winner of The Dutch Data Science prize . Quantib’s first products received FDA approval and CE marking in 2016 and focus on the detection and tracking of neurological disorders such as Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

The investment allows Quantib to bring new ML applications to the market with regards to stroke, lung disorders, oncology and bone structures. Quantib will also establish new partnerships with leading international academic hospitals.

In conjunction with the investment, the management team has been reinforced with Arthur Post Uiterweer (former Philips and Boston Consulting Group) and Jorrit Glastra (former Shell). The supervisory board will consist of Prof. dr. Gabriel Krestin, Harm-Jan Wessels and health entrepreneur Jaap Maljers.

Rudolf Scholte, CEO of Quantib: “Our software supports radiologists and neurologists with their objective assessment of MRI- and CT scans. Our deep learning algorithms can support better diagnoses, and a better assessment of treatments’ effectiveness. Up until now, our main focus was on brain disorders. This investment allows us to develop new products and to extend our team.”

“Quantib’s applications help standardise and speed up image analysis and allows for the detection of subtle changes over time. It increases the objectivity of the diagnostic process and therefore delivers an improved diagnosis combined with more efficient processes, positively impacting a large group of patients. We see large international growth opportunities for the company and we are proud to be a part of this development.” says Ewout Prins, Managing Partner Holland Venture.

Francis Quint, Head InnovationQuarter Capital: “Quantib facilitates faster, better and more efficient diagnoses, a fantastic result from the close collaboration with Erasmus MC. We are happy to support this Rotterdam-based company with their ambition to extend the range of their current technology to other applications.”

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Divergent 3D Announces Series B and Related Funding

Horizons Ventures

LOS ANGELES and HONG KONG— November 21, 2017— Divergent 3D, a technology development and licensing company that is creating a sustainable manufacturing revolution in the car industry, announces a Series B financing scheduled for close on or before December 15, 2017. The Series B close is $65+million with an additional investor option of $40 million to further accelerate revenue growth, bringing the aggregate funding, with option, to $107 million. Hong Kong-based investment holding company, O Luxe Holdings Limited (“O Luxe”), led the investment group, which includes Horizons Ventures, Shanghai Alliance Investment Limited and Altran Technologies.

Launched in 2014 by Founder & CEO Kevin Czinger, Divergent’s patented, end-to-end software-hardware solution incorporates 3D metal printing into the design, engineering and manufacturing of advanced vehicle structures for the automotive and aerospace industries. Its proprietary Divergent Production System™ automates structural design and optimization for volume manufacturing of lightweight structures without upfront, capital-intensive factory and tooling investments.

“With the ability to quickly respond to market demands, the Divergent system allows automakers and technology companies to innovate at a much faster rate—scaling up volume production at only a fraction of the cost while also alleviating environmental damage,” explains Czinger. “As a leading investment holding company dedicated to advancing sustainable manufacturing and transportation, O Luxe aligns with Divergent’s mission and fully understands the importance of disruptive technologies to the automotive industry. We are thrilled to partner with a company that supports our growth and vision.”

Marking a major financial milestone, the Series B funding will accelerate the commercialization of Divergent’s technology and provide additional resources to proliferate the technology globally, especially in the rapidly expanding Chinese electric vehicle market. Through non-exclusive partnerships with automakers and technology companies, Divergent will continue its strong momentum in leading the adoption of an economically and environmentally transformative manufacturing solution—building safer, stronger and more profitable eco-friendly vehicles at mass volumes.

In January 2016, Divergent announced the first close of its Series A financing and received a total of $23 million Series A funding. Since then, the technology development and licensing company has received global recognition for its manufacturing solution, and forged strategic partnerships with Altran, SLM Solutions and PSA Group (Peugeot, Citroen & DS).


About Divergent 3D

Divergent 3D harnesses the power of 3D printing to unleash innovation in automotive manufacturing. Its breakthrough technology platform transforms the economics and environmental impact of designing and manufacturing complex structures such as cars. Divergent’s planet-saving manufacturing approach enables both low and high volume manufacturing without costly, traditional tooling and capital expenses, enabling manufacturers to quickly iterate and invent new vehicle models for competitive advantage. As a technology company, Divergent partners with OEMs and innovative startups around the world to produce the next generation of vehicles. For more information, please visit


About O Luxe Holdings

O Luxe Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong-based investment holding company focused on developing technology-based companies that will accelerate the global adoption of electric vehicles and drive the world toward sustainable manufacturing and transportation. O Luxe company most recently acquired GLM Co., Ltd, a Japanese electric vehicles and engineering solutions company, and received a major investment from Mr. Li Ka-shing, a renowned Hong Kong entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. The Group is principally engaged in distribution of watches, wholesale trading of jewellery products, mining, money lending and securities investments.


About Horizons Ventures

Horizons Ventures, the private investment arm of Mr. Li Ka-shing, is a leading investor in some of the world’s most innovative companies and disruptive technologies, including Facebook, Spotify, Impossible Foods, Improbable, Zoom, Blockstream, Soul Machines and ChromaDex. For more information, please visit


About SAIL

Shanghai Alliance Investment Limited is a private equity and venture capital arm of Shanghai Municipal Government. The firm invests in high-tech, media, entertainment, infrastructure, financial services, telecommunication, healthcare, life science, and emerging low-carbon sectors such as clean energy, new material and eco-environment protection. Shanghai Alliance Investment Ltd. was founded in 1994 and is based in Shanghai, China.


About Altran

As a global leader in Engineering and R&D services (ER&D), Altran offers its clients a new way to innovate by developing the products and services of tomorrow. Altran works alongside its clients on every link in the value chain of their project, from conception to industrialization. For over thirty years, the Group has provided its expertise to key players in the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Energy, Finance, Life Sciences, Railway, and Telecoms sectors, among others. With a headcount of more than 27,000 employees, Altran has a presence in more than 20 countries.



Media Contact

Lydia You | ID-PR

(323) 822.4849

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Axel Bard Bringéus joins EQT Ventures

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EQT Ventures

EQT Ventures has strengthened its team of investment specialists and operational experts with Axel Bard Bringéus, former Global Head of Markets at Spotify, joining the fund. Get to know Axel in this video and find out how he will help to identify fast-growing, innovative and tech-enabled companies for support and investment in Germany.

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Roche Acquires Lab Data Analytics Platform Viewics

Canvas Ventures

Roche Acquires Lab Data Analytics Platform Viewics

Roche, a pharmaceuticals and diagnostics focused on advancing science has announced an agreement to acquire Viewics, Inc., a laboratory business analytics platform. Under the terms of the agreement, Roche is acquiring all shares of the company. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

As part of the acquisition, Viewics, Inc. will become an integral part of Roche and add further digital capabilities on top of Roche Diagnostics’ Integrated Core Lab offering to make faster data-driven informed decisions on their operations and processes.  The cloud-based solution is secure, infrastructure-agnostic, interactive, and accessible from multiple devices (e.g. smart phones, tablets, desktop computers).

Founded in 2010 in Sunnyvale, CA, the Viewics solution allows for efficient integration of big data from a variety of IT systems in the laboratory and beyond, pioneering a new way in extracting, cleansing, transforming and augmenting data. The HIPAA-compliant solution puts the transformational power of analytics into the hands of healthcare professionals in laboratory, financial, executive, and IT roles.

The solution enables organizations to leverage insights out-of-the-box, combined with the flexibility of further customising the solution to meet the needs of their unique situations, truly interact with their data and make decisions based on accurate information to deliver significant impact.

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Investment update: Zego raises £6M Series A to provide gig economy worker insurance


We’re very excited to see Clerkenwell, London-based pay-as-you go insurance provider Zego announcing their £6m in series A funding today, led by Balderton and joined by original investor Local Globe and angel investors in the insurance sector. Rob Moffat will be taking a seat on the Zego board.

Zego is preparing to launch new products specially designed for flexible workers employed in the sharing economy.

Zego co-founders Harry, Sten and Stuart

Zego was founded by former Deliveroo managers last year, and the team has grown from seven to 33 employees since the start of 2017. They’re planning to use the funding to hire more specialists for their engineering team, as well as staff to build key business functions.

Read coverage of the announcement on Techcrunch here.

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Insight Venture Partners Invests $26M Series B in LeanTaaS to Fuel Growth of Healthcare Operations Platform

Insight Venture

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–LeanTaaS, Inc., a Silicon Valley software innovator that increases patient access and transforms operational performance for healthcare providers, today announced that new investor Insight Venture Partners, a leading global venture capital and private equity firm, has invested $26 million in a Series B round of financing.

“Healthcare is a difficult space in which to bring about radical change,” said Jeff Horing, co-founder and managing director of Insight Venture Partners. “We are impressed by the quality of deep customer partnerships, the product portfolio and the team that LeanTaaS has assembled.”

The company’s solutions — relied upon by more than 40 of the nation’s leading hospitals and infusion centers — use lean principles, predictive analytics, machine learning and the cloud to dramatically improve the patient experience. LeanTaaS customers have reduced wait times for appointments and surgeries by up to 50 percent, increased patient access by as much as 30 percent and improved operational performance up to 20 percent through increased revenue and reduced costs.

The mathematical foundation on which patient appointments are scheduled is fundamentally flawed. As a result, expensive assets like infusion chairs, operating rooms, diagnostic imaging equipment and inpatient beds are commonly over- and underutilized, often on the same day.

LeanTaaS has quickly emerged as the leader in using advanced data science and mathematics to address this perplexing paradox. The company’s patent-pending algorithms help providers do more with existing assets and defer investments in additional staff, equipment and facilities. LeanTaaS solutions also improve surgeon access to valuable operating room time, lower wait times for patients and level-load the day for anesthesiologists, nurses and staff.

“We are privileged to work with many of the leading health systems in the country to demonstrate the impact of combining lean principles, predictive analytics and scalable software to drive significant improvements in operational performance and asset utilization,” said Mohan Giridharadas, founder and CEO of LeanTaaS. “This investment from Insight Venture Partners is a strong validation of our approach and will enable us to dramatically accelerate our growth over the coming years.”

The financing will fund continued investment in the LeanTaaS iQueue platform, which currently consists of two solutions: iQueue for Infusion Centers and iQueue for Operating Rooms. In May 2017, the company also established iQueue Labs, which explores answers to emerging, significant operational challenges in diagnostic imaging departments, emergency departments, pharmacies, labs and inpatient beds. The iQueue platform is a cloud service that works with any electronic health record and requires only minimal assistance by the provider’s internal IT staff to set up and use.

LeanTaaS joins an Insight Venture Partners portfolio that already boasts five companies on Inc.’s annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

Up-and-coming Customer Data Platform CrossEngage obtains fresh capital

Project A

The MarTech startup company based in Berlin convinces new investors – Vorwerk Ventures is on board

Berlin, November 1st 2017 – The Berlin-based marketing technology company CrossEngage will receive additional funding of 5 million euros. After its successful foundation in July 2015 and subsequent 7-digit seed financing round at the beginning of 2016, the company is attracting new investors and additional ownership interests from existing shareholders. The new round of financing will be led by Vorwerk Ventures as a new shareholder, as well as the existing investor Earlybird Venture Capital. The existing investors Project A, VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft which is managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Cavalry Ventures, 42 Capital, Capnamic Ventures, Ventech and TA Ventures are also increasing their holdings.

In the last two years, the Berlin-based company has focused on product development and grown into a leading customer data platform on the German market. CrossEngage technology enables advertisers to reach their target audiences through individualised messages and automated selection and combination of marketing channels. User data from online and offline marketing channels are summarised and evaluated in real time. This enables marketers to immediately implement consistent campaigns across all marketing channels. Customers such as Contorion, BodyChange, HelloFresh and Deutsche Bahn Vertriebs GmbH are already working successfully with the CrossEngage solution.

The two founders Dr. Markus Wübben and Manuel Hinz are now using the new capital from this financing round to expand their international business and further develop the technology. The aim is to further optimise the platform and offer an even more effective cross-channel marketing approach by applying artificial intelligence, especially on an international level. CrossEngage has been active on the UK market since September 2017. Dan McKinnon, Head of Sales UK, is responsible for customer expansion in London.

US market researcher Gartner published its annual analysis report on business technologies in August 2017. 32 trends were analysed in the “Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising”. Gartner already described customer data platforms as an up-and-coming, innovative solution for marketers in last year’s report. In the current report, the market researcher emphasises the benefits of bundling all customer data within a customer data platform as the basis for effective and flexible marketing. The challenge and at the same time the pressure for marketers to have a 360° customer view for a relevant and personalised cross-device and cross-channel address is currently at its peak. CrossEngage is the pioneer in the German market for this trend.

Norbert Muschong, General Manager Vorwerk Ventures, comments: “We see strong growth potential in CrossEngage and are convinced by its technological know-how. We believe that the start-up’s technology can also compete internationally and we are therefore very optimistic that the company will continue to establish itself strongly in the coming year”.

Dr. Florian Heinemann, Partner at Project A, adds: “Within the last two years, CrossEngage has developed an effective and competitive MarTech platform, which offers real orchestration of marketing tools and, above all, has already convinced well-known customers. We are pleased about the success and look forward to continuing to accompany the Berlin team on its way into the international market”.

About CrossEngage

CrossEngage is a leading customer data platform for cross-channel campaign management. The technology enables customer loyalty and thus increases marketing profitability through personalised, real-time campaigns across all channels. Customers include Deutsche Bahn Vertrieb, HelloFresh, Contorion, BodyChange, Stylefile, Friendsurance and Mycs. In addition to Vorwerk Ventures, Project A, Earlybird Venture Capital, VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Capnamic Ventures, Ventech, 42 Capital and Cavalry Ventures, the sponsors include numerous business angels who are prominent in the field. The Berlin location currently employs 45 people.


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Kano Raises $28M in Series B, and Brings New Computer Kits to More Than 4,500 Retail Stores

Index Ventures

Today, DIY computer company Kano announced a mass North American rollout into more than 4,500 retail stores, stocking its creative computing kits in every Best Buy and Target, select Walmart stores, Microsoft Stores, and The Source, as well as existing partners, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and Toys R Us. This expansion is fueled by $28M in new funding.

The Series B round was led by the Thames Trust and Breyer Capital, with Index Ventures, the Stanford Engineering Venture Fund, LocalGlobe, Marc Benioff, John Makinson, Collaborative Fund, Triple Point Capital, and Barclays participating.

At more than 1,000 stores, Kano’s full line of all-ages computer and coding kits – including the new Pixel Kit, Motion Sensor Kit, and Computer Kit Complete – will be presented on interactive displays, both on shelves and on end-cap fixtures, heading up the new STEM category.

Kano shipped the first “computer anyone can make” in September 2014, and is now expanding its retail presence more than four-fold. Its kits are deployed in more than 1000 education programs worldwide. Its community of beginner developers, in 86 countries, many as young as six, have shared over 150,000 apps in the last year alone. These beginners spend 13.5 hours, close to Snapchat, on the company’s Computer Kits during the first 30 days. Kano describes itself as a new kind of computer company, focused on creation, not just consumption.

“Kano has grown into a category leader, with hardware and software that prepares all ages for the future,” said Jim Breyer, Founder and CEO of Breyer Capital. “The financing, expansion into mass retail, and new products will expose the unique Kano experience to millions more.”

“The opportunity for Kano and other creative, educational platforms like Codecademy and Roblox is growing,” said Danny Rimer, General Partner at Index Ventures.

“We believe that the time has come for a new kind of computing, premised on people’s need to understand and shape the world around them – not just swipe, tap, and wait for the latest similar-looking screen,” said Alex Klein, Kano’s Co-founder and CEO. “The next generation is rising and ready to make their own technology.”

Kano is already collaborating with the Best Buy Foundation, bringing Computing Kits and workshops to schools and academies across North America as well as supporting the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s ConnectHome initiative, where it provides kits and digital literacy training to underserved communities. The company will also be participating in the Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire on November 11th and 12th. All ages will be able to make their first computer and test the range of Kano kits at hundreds of participating stores.

Kano kits combine device building (computers, sensors, light boards) and creative coding with a free online community, available to makers across the globe. The product lineup ranges from the free Kano App and the $29.99 Motion Sensor Kits, to the $249.99 Computer Kit Complete, a build-your-own laptop. Kano is the only end-to-end system in the ed-tech category, and demystifies computing for all ages through simple steps, physical building, and play.

The Computer Kit, starting at $149.99, is the original build-your-own-computer. It comes with all the bits and books you need to make a powerful PC, and a suite of onboard software challenges, that let you explore the terminal, Hack Minecraft, make music, and build apps, leveling up as you go.

The $29.99 Motion Sensor Kit opens up infrared technology and lets you learn to code apps, music, and games, controlled with hand gestures. The $79.99 Pixel Kit is a DIY light board that lets you draw & code animations, interactive apps and art. You can try Kano Code, the most playful learn-to-code platform, here, and explore community creations here.

“The Source is very excited to be featuring Kano products as part of its gifting line up this holiday season. Not only are they fun but also introduce new skills and learning opportunities,” said Ron Craig, Vice President, Marketing and Operations at The Source.

“Best Buy Canada is excited to partner with Kano in bringing their computer building kits for youth to our stores,” said Zayn Jaffer, Best Buy Canada’s Vice President of Emerging Business. “These products will help youth learn about the physical and software components of computers, while providing invaluable educational skills in coding and programming. These skills are important for future generations to learn early on.”

For videos, please check the Kano YouTube Channel. For other press materials, please click here.

About Kano

Inspired by a challenge from a 6-year-old, Kano creates computer and coding kits for all ages, all over the world. Its mission is to make technology as simple and fun to create as it is to consume. Kano launched the first computer anyone can make on Kickstarter in 2013 – it raised $1.5M, the largest ever ed-tech crowdfunding on the platform, with the backing of thousands of young people, artists, makers and teachers worldwide. It became the UK’s fastest growing tech startup in 2016 and Fast Company’s ninth most innovative company in consumer electronics in 2017.

Unlike other “kid tech” toys, Kano kits let beginners build real devices, and offer a range of learn-to-code environments. It takes makers from block based to real text coding, including Python, JavaScript and Unix commands, and into collaborative coding on the Kano World community platform. Over 200,000 applications and over 33 Million lines of code have been uploaded so far by creators of all ages.

The original build-and-code-your-own computer remains a crowd favorite, with 85% 5 star reviews on and a Net Promoter Score of 55. Kano also works with local communities to bring digital literacy to underserved areas in Africa, Asia, and North America.

The company has been boosted by the involvement and endorsements of customer Steve Wozniak, Pong inventor Al Alcorn, supermodel Karlie Kloss, athlete Novak Djokovic, artist Nile Rodgers, and British Prime Minister Theresa May. Its most recent product is the Computer Kit Complete, a powerful, educational build-your-own laptop for $249.

The London company was co-founded by Saul Klein, Yonatan Raz-Fridman and Alex Klein.

Kano is the recipient of the first ever Cannes Lion for Product Design, Gold; the Red Dot Product Design Award; the Edison Award in Gaming/Computing, Gold; the German Design Award, Gold; the International Design Society of America, Silver; the Webby Award and People’s Voice Award; The International Design Excellence Award, Silver; and D&AD (In Book Award).

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